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Vip House is a real estate company that has been active in the Real Estate Sales market for more than 3 years.

With a standard of seriousness in the provision of real estate services, it seeks to conduct good business efficiently, thus providing tranquility to its clients.

Vip House works with the quality you need! We work with real estate and luxury developments, construction of luxury modular properties, villas and even apartments.

Our team of professionals is made up of experienced professionals with vast knowledge to suggest the best alternatives. In addition, we have a fully computerized system, which allows a greater agility in the research and adaptation of the profile of the property to the client's requests.

Do not wait for tomorrow!

AMI: 123456789

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Speak with us

Rua dos Foros de Amora, nº 1 Edifício Acrópole Loja 16 - Cruz de Pau 2845-004 Amora

+351 966 151 111

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